Iron Bars

Empowered with Tensile Strength

Embark your construction with the steel of high tensile strength that goes over 2000N/mm2

Choose the Durability

We are the name of durability and quality. We deliver durable and strong Steel Iron Rod with high cracking resistance.

Environmental Sustainability

Use of eco-friendly materials is our top priority. We work to strengthen your homes & planet.

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What Products Do We Sell?

Whatever you need to increase the durability and strength of your building to enhance its market value, we can deliver you everything.
Anwar Steel has a huge range of steel products including angle iron, flat iron, channel iron, and Iron Rods for Sale. Whether it is commercial or residential projects, we are offering sturdiness, strength, and longevity for every large-scale or small-scale project. Our state-of-the-art steel products will provide your building the resilience against environmental impacts and severities.
It is not only about the reliable quality of our products but the most reasonable prices that we are offering to our clients. Contact us to learn about the most affordable Iron Rod Price in Pakistan.


Angle Iron

Support your building no matter how much load-bearer the place is, with our highly strengthen and resilient Angle Iron. To build high-quality brackets and frames, Buy our Products Now!

Iron Flat Bar

Flat Iron

Looking for hot rolled flat Iron Bars for your construction project at highly affordable prices? Well, Use our market-competitive products for manufacturing profile materials, angles, and piping. Let’s talk Now!


Channel Iron

Increase the strength and stability of your building by distributing the load evenly all over the place. To balance everything use our top-notch channel iron. Learn more about our products.

To Choose Reliability and Quality Iron Bars

Choose the Best Iron Bars in the Market

Anwar Steel is proudly facilitating the construction industry with resilience and durability in Lahore and all over Pakistan. We are the trusted partner of several residential, commercial, and home builders. We are dedicated to introducing new levels of quality work in the engineering, construction, and general fabrication market.
Our market-oriented products are the result of years of experience and unprecedented dedication to delivering our customers with the best. We value both your money and dreams. That is why, our team has done whatever it takes to secure your future by strengthening your houses and buildings. We offer different types of steel products, such as Iron Rods for Sale.

Reach out to our consultant to know more about the most reasonable Iron Rod Prices in Pakistan.

Excellent Customer Support

Flexibility and Durability

Extensive Product Variety

Iron Bars
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